Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started is to walk-in to a group class. For more personalized attention, some students find it useful to take an introductory private lesson to find out their current level and get recommendations from the instructor. Combining group classes and private lessons provides you with the most opportunity to get exposure to movement, other leads and follows, ask specific questions and get personal attention. Contact us to schedule an introductory lesson.

Can I really learn to dance?

Yes. Whether you start with two left feet or five, the hardest part about dancing is getting yourself to that first class. Many instructors will focus on steps and combinations only. In our classes, we not only learn how to move to the beat, but how to ‘hear’ the music, isolate motion in your body, feel the connection with your partner, and send all the right signals make your salsa come to life. You'll be amazed at what you can do with explanations and feedback tailored to your needs.

Do I have to register beforehand, or can I just come to a class and check it out?

Registration reserves you a spot in a class. Class registration is capped to 30 students for 1hr and 1.5hr classes respectively to ensure everyone gets some private attention. You can always walk-in to any class, though space is not guaranteed without registration. If it's a series-based class and you missed the first few, then you might find dropping in more challenging. If you take an entire series, you can get a discounted multi-class card.

I missed the first few classes of the series. Can I still take it?

Our classes are held in series format, which means that a class will run once a week for a number of weeks (usually 4-8 weeks). Walk-ins are welcome to any class, but keep in mind that later classes in a series will build on knowledge from previous weeks. We do this in order to ensure that you're learning new things in each class.

Do I need to bring my own partner to take a class?

No. Singles as well as couples are welcome to take classes. We will rotate partners often during classes so that you get a chance to dance with many different people.

Where are classes held?

All classes are held at Green Street Studios and the The Dance Complex in Central Square, Cambridge.

Is it okay to miss a class?

It is important not to miss classes in a series so you do not get behind on material. If you did miss one or two, you can still walk-in to a later class, though it will may be more challenging. Please be on time to classes out of respect for fellow dancers and the instructor.

What clothing should I wear for class?

You want to wear any clothing in which you are comfortable moving. Dressing up is not required, but you are welcome to if that's the kind of clothing you like dancing in. The only recommendations we make is not to wear shirts or pants that are really loose/baggy because you want to be able to see yourself move. In addition, we recommend long pants for guys over shorts.

What kind of shoes do I wear?

It is always easier to dance in shoes without rubber soles. The idea is to be able to spin easily, so any shoe that allows you to do that works great. Leather-soled shoes work well, or there are various dance shoe stores in the Boston area.

Black, rubber-soled shoes are not allowed in the studios. If you don't have any other shoes, you can dance in your socks. Dancing in socks actually helps you feel your feet connect with the floor and will improve your overall balance.

I've taken a beginner class before. Should I move up to the next level?

We feel that dancers should be very confident with the basics before moving onto higher level classes. When you think you're ready for the next level, talk to the instructor.

What do classes cost?

Prices are listed on the classes page. Usually, it’s a better deal to purchase an entire series of classes than just one at a time. Multi-class cards are non-refundable and expire at the end of a series, but can be used for any class in a given series, which allows you to take multiple classes concurrently or change levels mid-series.

Does the fee have to be paid in advance?

Fees can be paid online securely using Paypal. A multi-class card purchase is required to register for a series before it begins. You can also purchase single classes and multi-class cards before or after group classes and private lessons. We do not mail out class cards; You will receive your card the first class you attend or immediately upon purchase.

What if I cannot make it to a private lesson?

If you cannot attend a scheduled private lesson, please contact us at least 24 hours before the lesson. If you cancel within 24 hours before the lesson, there is a $25 fee to cover studio costs.